A Tuesday wedding would have been a little unusual B.C (Before Covid) but nothing was going to stop Lauren and Ryan saying 'I Do' as soon as they possibly could when they'd been forced to postpone their date from earlier this year.

Pentillie is a stunning venue and summer only makes it even more beautiful. Long meadow grasses for 'frolicking', the greenery of Lime Avenue and blooms EVERYWHERE!

The weather kept us on our toes all day. Sunshine and what I can only call power showers meant that we were in an out for the early afternoon but things improved for the evening.

Lauren and Ryan were great fun to work with and today I'm unveiling a new addition to sneak peeks and final products - a short highlights album of the day. I have been meaning to create these for a little while and now that things are beginning to get 'back to normal' it seems like the perfect time to introduce them!

Here are Lauren and Ryan's Highlights:-