Images to Treasure Forever...

...Captured in a Relaxed and Personal Way

Hi, I'm Louise.

I absolutely adore photography and in addition to capturing weddings I make every effort to get out and about when I have some free time to take pictures and experiment with different types of photography.

I like to capture the moments of your day as they happen but I will also capture beautiful timeless and classic images - those all important 'mantlepiece' shots. Steve my second shooter will also help make the day run smoothly, take some great alternative angles and will photograph what's going on before the wedding whilst you're getting ready. 

My belief is that the best shots come from a strong client-photographer relationship and strive to build that with you from your first meeting to ensure you will be happy with your photos on the day. I capture your memories in a relaxed and personal way.

​Louise Richey Photography means exactly that - I am my business. I will meet with you to discuss your wedding and your needs, I will visit your venue and find all the angles and ideas for your big day, I will photograph your day and I will edit every shot myself. This means I know more abut you and the things which will make a difference to you on the day and afterwards. I know that your dog is your baby and that he is just as important as any other guest. I know that the watch you're wearing is your Nan's and it means the world to you to be wearing it because she's no longer with us. I know how much it means to you that your Dad who hasn't been well is there to walk you down the aisle. Not only do I know this on the day but I know it after the day when the photos are being edited and can add additional focus onto those things which an externally hired editor would not know. Another benefit of editing my own work is I know what I am able to do in post production and that means that if your son doesn't want to play ball for a lovely family group shot, there's a good chance I will know I've already got a shot which I can 'lift' him from to change that scowl to a beaming smile. I can also make sure that your beautiful portrait in front of the window is not blighted by plug sockets or the thermostat, the chocolate finger prints on your dress from an eagerly clawing toddler are no more and the golfers on the 7th hole are back where they belong in the 19th hole rather than in our shot!

I don't believe in limiting your memories so there is no limit on the amount of photographs you'll receive regardless of your package choice. My process is personal from start to finish - I will meet you so that you get an idea of who I am and if you like me, make your plan together with you, check out your venue, photograph your day, edit every photo and even design your album (if you want one). 

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”