Venues We Love

Photographing weddings for over a decade means we have visited A LOT of venues! Amazingly there are still plenty left on my bucket list so if your venue doesn't feature below that doesn't mean we don't love it - we might just not have been there yet! We reccy every new venue and LOVE to experience new faces and places - we find it super exciting and gives our creativity a boost too.

We also love anything different. Sometimes couples aren't having a big wedding in a manor or hotel with grounds and so we use the local surroundings to get gorgeous photos. We've photographed in parks, public gardens, private home owner's gardens (yep - we left a note in their door asking for permission...), well know landmarks and even carparks.

We've also photographed several weddings in couple's own homes and farms!

We love them all, farms, barns, parks, hotels, golf courses, forts, country estates, manor houses, marquees on the moors and anything else I've forgotten!

Every wedding is unique and it is great to see that variety in the places we visit too.

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